Featured Projects

  • Personal Ad | Will you Marry Me?

    We fly dozens of marriage proposals every year over the most popular locations such as Santa Monica Pier, Huntington Beach, Laguna and more.

  • Event Promotion | Super Sale!

    A local retailer ran their advertisment for an anniversary sale over the Orange County Fair. They had lots of new customers and tons of calls!

  • Corporate Branding | Big O Tires

    Big O Tires has been using American AirLights to reinforce their branding over the freeways for more than 25 years!

  • Political | Campaign Madness

    We are often contacted to run political campaign messages over polling locations throughout Southern California impacting those last few voters.

  • Public Service Announcement

    AirLights can be used to make public service announcements such as anti drunk driving campaigns, road closures, and more!

  • Concert Promotion

    Concert promoters flew a message over local events promoting the Tim McGraw concert that happened in the summer of 2011.

  • Personal Ad | Happy Birthday!

    We run dozens of birthday messages over birthday parties on the beach, restauants, country clubs and private homes every year.

  • Corporate Promotion | Sale is on!

    Car dealerships often use the AirLights to promote a sale they are running or a special financing option which they are offering. These can be highly effiective over automalls to attract buyers that might be in the lot next door ready to buy!

  • Trade Show Announcements

    What a great way to announce your product or service at a trade show when the essential buyers are all located at the after show party. Here is your chance to hit them all in one shot, and with a powerful, memorable method!

  • Promotion | AVICII Abum Release

    Promoting the album release of EDM Music superstar AVICII over a crowd of 120,000 music lovers on the ground.

  • Promotion | XS Nightclub

    The XS Nightclub promoting EDM artists Afrojack and Skrillex for special EDC 'After Party'.

  • Promotion | Cedric Gervias Album

    Promoing the album release for Cedric Gervias over a huge crowd of music lovers in the summer of 2012.

  • Promotion | Will.I.Am Single Release

    Promoting the new hit single from Will.I.Am titled 'This is Love' featuring Eva Simmons.

  • Promotion | Eva Simons Remix Release

    Promoting the remixes release of Eva Simons hit song 'I Dont Like U'.

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